Khuda Aur Muhabbat – EP 11

Khuda Aur Muhabbat – EP 11

Khuda Aur Muhabbat (Urdu: خدا اور محبت, English: God and Love‎) is a 2011 Pakistani show serial that disclosed on Geo TV. It is composed by Hashim Nadeem Syed and coordinated by Anjum Shehzad. Imran Abbas Naqvi and Sadia Khan are highlighted as the lead part while Faisal Fazila Qazi, Ahmed Jahanzeb, and Firdous Jamal depict supporting parts.

The show is enlivened from the novel of a similar name, likewise composed by Hashim Nadeem. Khuda aur Muhabbat is his first novel which is being broadcast for a private TV channel.


Season 1

The story rotates around the well established clash between religious belief system (spoke to by the term Khuda, which means God) and human feelings (Mohabbat or Love) spinning in strict Islamic] families. Having a place with the general public’s tip top, a youthful trade graduate, Hammad (Imran Abbas Naqvi), experiences Imaan (Sadia Khan), the girl of Moulvi Aleemuddin (Salman Shahid), who instructs Quran to the offspring of the region and is likewise an Imam in a close-by Mosque. This experience conveys an enormous change to Hammad’s life. He goes out and family for Imaan. At a certain point, he picks up work as a doorman and attempts hard work. He trusts the progressions he makes, which incorporate him discovering religion and inevitable most profound sense of being will make him appropriate for Imaan to her dad. However his trusts and his change are futile as Moulvi Aleem can’t acknowledge the idea of an affection coordinate for his girl and to excuse the affront Hammad’s family brought about him when they understood Hammad cherished Imaan. Imaan, in the mean time, is locked in to her cousin Abdullah (Ahmed Jahanzeb). She lives under the shadow of her oppressive father, whom she set out not rebel. Imaan advises Hammad to come back to his family, yet he won’t. With an expanding feeling of defenselessness, Imaan turns out to be always focused and in the long run falls sick. The story closes with Imaan’s demise and Hammad additionally giving way dead because of his distress, her voice ringing in his ears from when she let him know that she couldn’t be with him in this world yet would be in the following.