Kasam – 7th March 2017

Kasam – 7th March 2017


Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki (English: Swear Of Your Love) is an Indian Hindi sentimental TV arrangement.

Kratika Sengar and Sharad Malhotra are assuming lead parts of Tanu/Tanuja and Rishi individually.

The character of Tanu passed on and Shivani Tomar assumed the lead part of Tanu’s resurrection as Tanuja. Individuals loved the science of Kratika and Sharad yet because of absence of science amongst Sharad and Shivani, Kratika was brought back as Tanuja’s character went under plastic surgery and her face changes.

Following day she meets a woman named Manorama who takes her to her home. Manorama pitches Tanuja to a few goons who bring Tanuja with them. In the way, a tanked Rishi discovers Tanuja being taken as a prisoner. He spares her and understands that Tanuja is pure and admits his affection for her however she recollects katyayini’s statement and requests that Rishi abandon her since she is in charge of Rano’s awful condition and they ought not live respectively as she is unfortunate for him.Rishi at first denies yet when he see Tanuja being inflexible to her choice he concurs. He imagines that he will persuade his mom yet Rano is resolved on her choice. Rishi tells that he will remarry after Tanuja will remarry. Tanuja at first denies and flees. Rishi takes her back to house and she consents to remarry. Rishi reveals to her that he will discover a kid for her and composes a gathering to discover a suitor for Tanuja. At the gathering, Shekhar arrangements to capture her however just before his goons could hijack her Ahaana spares her. Rishi gets grabbed rather, Tanuja keeps running behind the auto yet falls flat. The ruffians are stunned seeing Rishi and reveal to him that they have hijacked Tanuja. She later goes and tries to spare Rishi however falls flat. Manpreet comes there and spares Rishi and Tanu

Later a young lady named Netra goes into the house who is Rano’s companions’ girl whom called to stay so she could get Rishi remarried and all of a sudden there is another section Purab Vohra, who asserts that Raj Singh Bedi is his natural father and he need 51% partake in Bedi Enterprise or else he will annihilate Bedi family. Rishi acknowledges and later Tanuja hears Malaika and Purab saying that one of the Bedis is giving them data about the family and its insider facts. Tanuja advises this to Raaj and shows up following 20 days in a gathering in which Rishi will declare about giving 51% share to Purab. Tanuja now asserts that Rishi exchanged all his property to her name. Purab now needs 55% shares yet Tanuja cannot. Rano is arranging how to recover her property and Tanuja is searching for the double-crosser in the house. Tanuja masterminds a Holi party with the goal that she could discover the relative who is deceiver however couldn’t as she had been sedated by Rano. Tanuja additionally finds a support in Beeji.

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