Action Movies 2017 – Best Ninja Movies 2017 – Full Length English HD

Action Movies 2017 – Best Ninja Movies 2017 – Full Length English HD


Ninja is a 2009 American hand to hand fighting/activity thriller film coordinated by Isaac Florentine and featuring Scott Adkins, Tsuyoshi Ihara and Mika Hijii. The film’s plot rotates around an American military craftsman named Casey Bowman, who is requested that by his sensei go to New York City and secure the Yoroi Bitsu, a defensively covered chest that contains the weapons of the last Kōga ninja.

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear, a continuation of the film, made its debut at the 2013 Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

Casey Bowman is an American vagrant who was received into a hand to hand fighting dojo in Japan. In view of his diligence and longing to ace bushido, he gains the regard of the dojo’s sensei and his little girl Namiko. Notwithstanding, the dojo’s best understudy Masazuka turns out to be biting over Namiko’s fellowship with Casey until one morning, amid a competing match, he loses his temper and almost murders Casey by tossing a katana at him. In safeguard, Casey scars Masazuka underneath his correct eye. Because of his activities, Masazuka is expelled from the dojo by the sensei.

A long time later, Masazuka turns into a professional killer under contract with an American combination called Temple Industries, which itself runs an underground criminal clique known as “The Ring”. He comes back to his previous dojo and claims futile the sensei’s progression as sōke, yet the sensei declines to oblige. Foreseeing an attack by Masazuka, the sensei relegates Casey and Namiko to watch an old chest called the Yoroi Bitsu, which contains the suit and weapons of an antiquated ninja. Before Masazuka storms through the dojo and murders the sensei, Casey and Namiko figure out how to take the Yoroi Bitsu to New York City, where they guard it at Triborough University’s vault with the assistance of the sensei’s companion Professor Garrison. They are found by Masazuka, who sends Temple’s hooligans to bring down the couple. While Casey and Namiko are on the keep running from the hooligans, they are surrounded for the murder of Professor Garrison and captured. Amid their cross examination, Casey is derided by Detective Traxler (Todd Jensen) for his account of a ninja for causing the passings of numerous guiltless onlookers, yet the very ninja slips inside the station under camouflage. Masazuka cuts the power in the region and brings down a few cops oblivious before weakening Namiko. Amidst the tumult, Casey spares Traxler from being gunned around Masazuka before the professional killer leaves the premises with Namiko, while Casey himself vanishes.

After receiving a tip-off through a member of Temple’s thugs, Casey storms through Temple Industries, retrieving Masazuka’s phone number from the firm’s president. He calls Masazuka and sets up a meeting place to exchange the Yoroi Bitsu for Namiko’s life. Casey then rushes to the university to retrieve the chest and don the ninja suit and arsenal. At a construction site, Masazuka releases Namiko once the Yoroi Bitsu is lowered from a crane, only to discover the chest emptied of its contents.


The two men prepare for a final showdown, but members of The Ring stage an ambush under Temple’s orders to kill the trio. Casey, Masazuka and Namiko dispatch the thugs before Masazuka uses a blowgun to shoot a poison dart at Namiko and taunts Casey with the antidote bottle. Masazuka, however, drops the bottle, forcing Casey into a fit of rage. As an NYPD helicopter flashes its spotlight on the fight, Masazuka uses a ninjutsu technique to blind Casey with the reflections from his katana and disappear in front of him, but Casey uses his instincts to counter-attack and impale Masazuka from behind. Casey is saddened that he is unable to save Namiko, but upon remembering his sensei’s teachings of a ninja’s katana possessing the power to both kill and heal, he discovers that the handle of his katana contains the antidote. Within seconds, the antidote neutralizes the poison as Namiko awakens. Before they leave, Casey grants Masazuka’s wish for decapitation.

The next morning, Traxler informs Casey and Namiko that Temple has been arrested and The Ring has been broken. He then hands them their passports, telling them to leave New York for good. The couple return to Japan to pay their respects to their late sensei and continue running their dojo.

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